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X3120-F554-G7T1-W04D  - E-T-A circuit breaker 3120-F554-G7T1-W04D-...-X3120-U0100M

E-T-A circuit breaker 3120-F554-G7T1-W04D-...-X3120-U0100M

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2-pole insert switch with remotely triggerable undervoltage release and 1-pole thermal overload protection.


  • 2-pole off-switch, 1-pole protected
  • Connection 12(k) with overcurrent protection
  • Connection 12(i) without overcurrent protection
  • With undervoltage release, extern auslösbar über connection A2
  • With splash water proof cover IP54
  • Rocker switch red with labelling 0-I
  • Replacement for Weber Unimat WTN22-551, WTN22-555, WN22-551, WN22-555 (refer to unten)
  • Replacement for Weber Protection Amazonas ABTWR120E3 e.g. For Bosch shredders AXT (refer to unten)


Machines in which the switch is e.g. By thermocontact in the motor, limit switch, safety switch must be switched off.

A typical application is choppers in which the motor must be switched off by a safety contact as soon as the opening for the chopping material is opened. This prevents you from reaching into the running knife.

Important while replacing a Weber Unimat WTN 22-555, WN 22-555 with 5 connections

In principle, one has to look more closely at the Weber Unimat switches, since there are different versions which can not be read on the type plate. The switches may have to be opened in order to recognize the function.

We are familiar with these variations by Weber Unimat::

  • Connection 3 is switched, connection 5 is a routed coil connection
  • Connection 5 is switched, connection 3 is a routed coil connection
  • Connection 5 is a auxiliary contact and has no switching function.

The routed coil connection des Weber Unimat WTN corresponds to the connection A2 dieses E-T-A switchs.

Replacement for Weber Protection Amazonas ABTWR120E3 (for Bosch shredders series AXT)

This switch is a suitable replacement for Weber Protection Amazonas ABTWR120E3. This switch was installed in e.g. Bosch shreddersn AXT 800, AXT 1800 or AXT 2000.


Power is applied to terminals 11 and 21. Terminals 12 (i), 12 (k) and 22 (i) are the load side terminals, with 12 (i) not having an overcurrent protection and 12 (k) protected..

It is important that voltage A2 is present at terminal A2, otherwise the switch will not switch.

The voltage at A1 may be e.g. A thermal contact in the motor, an emergency stop switch or a similar device. If there are no external switches, A1 must be connected to 21.
If the mains voltage fails, a thermal contact or a safety device is tripped, the switch trips because the magnetic coil no longer receives any voltage.
The switch must then be switched on manually. This prevents automatic restart after voltage recovery..


Installation opening
44.5 x 22 mm (clamping thickness 1-4 mm)
Collar height
2 mm with splash water proof cover IP54
Collar (cover)
50 x 27 mm with splash water proof cover
Installation depth
67 mm + 8 mm for connection A2


Nominal voltage
AC 240 V; DC 50 V
Overload protection
Refer to nominal current-Auswahl
Switching current max.
20 A
Nominal current
Refer to the table below (tripping current)
Protection class
Operating area IP54, connecting area IP00
Reinforced in the actuation element
Ambient temperature
-30 . 60 °C
Snap-on frame
On the mains: clamp screw M3.5
Under load: flat plug 6.3 mm (2 x 2,8 mm)
coil contact 2,8 mm
Circuit breaker norm
EN 60934/IEC 60934: S-Typ, TO

Notes on delivery times1

The delivery time applies to deliveries to Germany.
Delivery times for other countries can be found at Information on the calculation of the delivery date


Flat plug-Adapter for ETA series 3120-F7...

Flat plug-Adapter for ETA series 3120-F7...

Flat plug-Adapter 6,3 mm / M3,5 for E-T-A series 3120

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Protective cap for the connectionbereich E-T-A series 3120 (IP64)

Protective cap for the connectionbereich E-T-A series 3120 (IP64)

Splash water protective cap Y30427501, black, For the connectionbereich ETA series 3120 (IP64)

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