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Switch for lawn mower and scarifier

Universal usable lawn mower switches or scarifier switch. Dead mans switch for the Montage am Holm.

Type Switching
Annotations Switching capacity Installation Price EUR
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Lawn mower switches

Tripus lawn mower switch for handlebar mounting (deadman switch) Tripus 202P613
Art. SSK700
2-pole dead man-switch
Switch-plug combination
8 A / 240V holm diameter
Ø 18 - 22 mm
13,70 EUR

Everel rocker switches series SX82 - Replacement for Kedu HY12

Rocker switch, push button/N/O contacts, 2-pole Everel SX82
Art. 505
2-pole Push button on/off
Illuminated, green
16 (8) A 250 V AC 30,2 x 21,9 mm 6,40 EUR