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Switch-plug combinations for alternating current 230V~

Switch-plug combinations with Schuko-plug for machines and stationary power tools like circular saws, wood splitters, concrete mixers, lawn mower, etc.

Type Switching capacity Undervoltage
Annotations Brake Price EUR
incl. VAT

Switch-plug combinations as build-on switch with closed base

Switch-plug combination K570/STZ up to 3 kW K570 / STZ / KA12
Art. SSK570
3 kW Suitable replacement for Kedu KOA7 52,10 EUR
Switch-plug combination K700/ST3 up to 3 kW K700 / ST3 / KA12
Art. SSK500
3 kW 51,10 EUR
K700 / VB / ST3 / KA12
Art. SSK550
3 kW With electronic brake 98,00 EUR
Switch-plug combination up to 3 kW with motor protection Tripus 201.785
Art. SSK510
3 kW Overcurrent circuit breaker in the base
Motor protection non-adjustable
85,10 EUR

Switch with open base for direct motor installation

Switch-plug combination up to 3 kW, cement mixer switch Tripus 203P705
Art. SSK340
16(8)A Concrete mixer switch
Securing bracket
For coupling
18,80 EUR
Switch-plug combination up to 3 kW with capacitor housing Tripus 204P959 + 301P339
Art. SSK201
16(8)A With capacitor housing 28,00 EUR
Switch-plug combination up to 3 kW with undervoltage release Tripus 204P960
Art. SSK200
3 kW With undervoltage release
E.g. For small circular saws
45,50 EUR

Switch with Schuko socket for mounting on workbenches

Workbench switch K700/TAZ/ST6/SD3 with Schuko power socket K700 / TAZ / ST6 / SD3
Art. 0098.7020
3 kW With Schuko-power socket 64,80 EUR