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Float switches, float switches, Niveauregler from EHZ and Nolta

Float switches for draining
Dry running protection for pumps. If the pump switches off at low water level, the pump runs at high water level. For submerged pumps, use standard switches.
Float switches zum filling
Overflow protection for containers. The pump is switched off at high water level, the pump runs at low water level.
Float switches as changeover
Changers, depending on how they are connected, can be switched on with a suspended or floating float.
Type Switching function Switch-on point Switching capacity Cable length Annotation Price EUR
incl. VAT

EHZ Floating switch for industrial water (formerly REIFA)

Float switch for switching submersible pumps and for regulating liquid levels in tanks, cisterns, basins. Suitable for water and sewage. Only conditionally suitable for oil-containing sewage or acids.

Float switch draining EHZ-FS-E (formerly Reifa ®) EHZ-FS-E On/off
for draining
top 1 kW 0,5 - 20 m 20,50 EUR
EHZ-FS-C Changeover
for draining
or filling
top oder
1 kW 0,5 - 20 m 20,50 EUR

Nolta float switch / level control for various media and applications

These float-switches are hung from above into containers and switch by tilting the float body.
Advantage compared to conventional float switches is the low space requirement and the very simple mounting, since no mounting point under the liquid is required.

NOLTA level controller M2, Float switch Nolta M2
Art. 400005..
Changeover alternatively 2A 250V~ 5-20 m small construction. For clean
liquids and waste
water without solids
100,49 EUR
Nolta float switch, Level controller MS1 Nolta MS1
Art. 400001..
Changeover alternatively 5A 250V~ 3-20 m For sewage
with solids
E.g. in sewage treatment plants
97,73 EUR

Accessories float-switches and level switches

Cable weight 260 g for float switch G-R Cable weight 260g for float switch 11,10 EUR
Cable weight 300/700 g for float switch 4000 Cable weight 300/700 g for float switch 31,70 EUR