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Marquardt toggle switches, Nikkai toggle switches

Ein- zwei- and 3-pole toggle switches for central mounting,
Snap frame- and screw mounting.

Type Switching
Function Switching capacity Installation Function Price EUR
incl. VAT

1-pole toggle switches

Toggle switch, Changeover switch, 1-pole - Marquardt 0815.0101 Marquardt 0815.0101
Art. 236B
1-pole Changeover switch
Off in the middle
6 A, 250 V AC Mutter M12 Changeover switch Off in the middle 29,10 EUR

3-pole toggle switches

Toggle switch, 3-pole, Marquardt 0350.2101 Marquardt 0350.2101
Art. 410
3-pole On/off 10 (4) A, 400 V AC mounting plate On/off 34,00 EUR