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EHZ-C  - Float switch changeover EHZ-FS-C

Float switch changeover EHZ-FS-C

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0,20 kg
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Float switch, changer length 0.5 - 20 m, for pumps or domestic water supply. Depending on the connection for filling or draining.
Suitable as a repair switch for submersible pumps or as dry-running protection for the external switching of domestic waterworks, etc.


The switch is designed as a changer. Depending on the connection, the pump switches off when a certain water level is exceeded or too low. The switch is actuated by a ball. The shift inclination is approx. 30 °.

Depending of the connection as
dry-run protection, switches off when suspended.
over-run protection, switches on when suspended.


Switching capacity
10(8)A 250V~, 10(4)A 400V~
Switching frequency:
50.000 switching cycles, VDE geprüft
protection class
Without Protective conductor, VDE-Reg.Nr. 6653
Protection class
IP68, waterproof
Operating temperature
Max. 60°C
operating pressure
Max. 0,1 bar
H07RN8-F 3X1 mm² , max 90°C
Cable length
0.5 - 25 m
switching point draining
On = top (floating)
Off = bottom (suspended)
switching point filling
On = bottom (suspended)
Off = top (floating)


The float switch is attached to the cable with a clamp. The switching path depends on the free cable length (min. 120 mm).
The free cable length must not be too short, as the cable is not sufficiently flexible. This is especially true for cold temperatures. If the length of the cable is too long, the float can float on the surface of the water without coming into the tilted position.


variants / cable length

HerstellerArtikelnummerCable LengthUnsere Art.-Nr.
EHZ GmbH EHZ-FS-C-1 1,0 m EHZ-C-1
EHZ GmbH EHZ-FS-C-3 3,0 m EHZ-C-3
EHZ GmbH EHZ-FS-C-5 5,0 m EHZ-C-5
EHZ GmbH EHZ-FS-C-10 10,0 m EHZ-C-10
EHZ GmbH EHZ-FS-C-15 15,0 m EHZ-C-15
EHZ GmbH EHZ-FS-C-20 20,0 m EHZ-C-20
EHZ GmbH EHZ-FS-C-25 25,0 m EHZ-C-25


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The delivery time applies to deliveries to Germany.
Delivery times for other countries can be found at Information on the calculation of the delivery date


Cable weight 260 g for float switch

Cable weight 260 g for float switch

Weight 260 g zum Klemmen. Zum Niederhalten of float switches with großer cableLength

11,10 EUR
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