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40000100  - Nolta float switch, Level controller MS1

Nolta float switch, Level controller MS1

Cable Length:
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0,55 kg
86,60 EUR * 72,77 EUR (net)
* incl. VAT
Shipping time : 7-10 days1


The float switch MS1 is suitable for use in sewage treatment plants and pump stations with liquids contaminated with solids such as, for example, raw wastewater.
Due to their good chemical properties, the level controller MS1 are resistant to detergent solution, uric acids, sewage effluents, oils, gasoline, diesel oil, emulsions, alcohols, fruit acids, etc. as well as against many chemicals. Application up to 80 ° C.


For the municipal, industrial, commercial and domestic area, e.g.

  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Wells
  • Pump shafts


Spec. Weight
0,95 - 1.05
Max. Temperature
Switching capacity
1 mA / 4V - 5A / 250V~ *
Switching angle
Protection class
IP 68 / 2 bar
protection class
TPK/ PVC 3 x 0.75 mm²
Cable diameter
6,5 mm +/- 0,15
180 / 100 mm
Polypropylene PP
Housing colour
* Microswitches with gold-plated contacts for low switching currents in electronic circuits

Electrical connection

Function Strand colour
grey Black Brown
draining of a container Isolation X X
Filling of a container X Isolation X
Alarm at high liquid levels Isolation X X
Alarm at low liquid levels X Isolation X


At the installation the level controller it is absolutely necessary to ensure that these can hang freely vertically, do not rest on the base, without impairment by shaft walls, pipes, fittings, etc. Free float and not in flow..


If the level controllers are correctly installed and installed, they are practically maintenance-free. Depending on the degree of contamination of the medium, the system must only be checked for deposits and cleaned, if necessary from time to time.

This product is not sold to private customers

Sold only to companies and business customers. A return is excluded.

Notes on delivery times1

The delivery time applies to deliveries to Germany.
Delivery times for other countries can be found at Information on the calculation of the delivery date


Cable weight 300/700 g for float switch

Cable weight 300/700 g for float switch

Weights 300 and 700 gr with cable routing holes. Zum Niederhalten of float switches with großer cableLength

30,30 EUR
excl. VAT

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