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306P202  - Insert switch Tripus TP3251, 306P202 (replacement for Kedu KJD17B)

Insert switch Tripus TP3251, 306P202 (replacement for Kedu KJD17B)

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2-pole insert switch for machines and stationary power tools. Manufactured in Europe.


  • 2-pole on-off-switch with Tastenoperation
  • Undervoltage release
  • Optionally with or without coil connection
  • Rocker cover / splash water proof cover
  • Flat seal towards installation opening
  • Usable as a replacement for Kedu KJD17B-BC and Atilon 375217 (with coil connection)


The switch has a solenoid for an undervoltage release. If the voltage is connected to the input connectors 13 and 23 a solenoid is powered and holds the rocker switch in the on-position.

This switch is not a push button. the rocker switch only stays at the on-position, as long as a voltage exists or you turn off the switch.

Due to the undervoltage release the switch turns off at voltage drop ( power failure ) and has to be manually switched back on. Therefore it won't switch on spontaneously and uncontrollably.

Available with or without solenoid ( undervoltage release )

With the help of the coil connection ( connection A1 ) the solenoid can be triggered with for example an external emergency stop-switch or thermal contacts.


Switching function
Type of actuation
Tasten 0-I
2 N/O contacts
Rated voltage Uc
230V / 50Hz
Switching capacity
AC-1 Ue:230V 16.0A
AC-3 Ue:230V 14,5A
Protection class
Operating area IP54 with protective cap
Operating area IP40 without protective cap
Connecting area IP00
Faston terminals 6.3 x 0,8 mm (connections 13-14-, 23-24)
Flat plug connection 2,8 x 0,8 mm (coil connection A1)
Housing material
Plastic PA
Dimensions (LxBxT)
Ca. 57 x 36 x 60 mm
Snap-on frame
Installation opening
Ca. 46,5 x 22,2 mm
Mounting position
Mark of conformity
VDE 0660 part 102, DIN EN 60947, UL

Made in Europe

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