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180400MBA  - Operating capacitor 18 µF / 450 V, aluminium can

Operating capacitor 18 µF / 450 V, aluminium can

MKB MKP 18/500
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Operating capacitor with cable connection for the operation of AC motors, e.g. Of small circular saws, lifting gearn.

Usable for continuous operation and intermittent operation


Self-healing capacitor (MKP) in aluminium housing with cap, cable routing to the side, overpressure disconnector, base screw

Note regarding voltage information

The voltage information refers to the dielectric strength and not the operating voltage. The capacitor can be used with a 230V AC motor.

Technical values

18 µF
Capacity tolerance
±5% nominal value
Climate class
25/85/21 according to IEC 60068
Protection class
IP 65 (with Kappe)
Operating temperature
-25° up to +85°C (UL:-25°C)
Operating mode
Continuous operation or
Intermittent operation AB 25% ED, SD 4h
Intermittent operation AB 20% ED, SD 24h
Safety class
Service life class
Class A - 30.000h - 420V (1-30 µF)
Class B - 10.000h - 470V (1-30 µF); -420V (35-80 µF)
Class C - 3.000h - 470V (35-80 µF)
Class D - 1.000h - 500V (1,5-30 µF)
Mains frequency
50/60 Hz
Filling material
Environmentally friendly vegetable oil
Cable 2 x 0.75 mm², length 300 mm
Dimensions Ø x length
35 x 121 mm
Base screw
M8 x 10


Capacitors are wear parts, which fail under extreme conditions or at reaching their lifetime.
Hydra motor capacitors are manufactured with a build-in overpressure disconnector. In case of failure, the capacitor will expand in the axial direction up to about 9 mm. Due to the expansion, the thinner section of the fuse will break and the capacitor will be disconnected safely from the mains.

Hydra capacitors are certified by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute and fulfill the regulations of safety class P2 according to EN 60252.


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Country of origin
Tschechische Republik (EU)

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