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0098.9002  - Switch-plug combination K900/B/TAZ/ST3/KA3 with brake

Switch-plug combination K900/B/TAZ/ST3/KA3 with brake

Klinger & Born
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AC switch-plug combination with electronic brake for circular saws, planing machines, shredders, wood splitters.


  • 3-pole switching. Suitable for mains connection without neutral conductor
  • Switching capacity up to 4 kW
  • Braking electronics, braking current up to 16 A adjustable
  • Undervoltage release with shock protection
  • Phase inverter
  • Connection possibility for thermal contact
  • Splash water proof cover
  • usable as Alternative zu Mod.Nr. 01379000 (Güde Wippsäge) or Mod.Nr. 01480119


The neutral conductor is not connected.

Not suitable for motors with electromechanical brake. Such motors generally have a braking disk and a braking magnet which are under the fan propeller. This can be apparent, when the saw blade is hard to move when the machine is at halt.

Installation / connection (refer to wiring diagram) / brake

The switch is screwed on the housing base. Grid dimension of the screws: 68 x 68 mm.
The cable outlet is on the side of the housing base, by factory setting on the opposite side of the keypad. by rotating the base, the cable can be routed to all 4 sides.

The blue wire is not a neutral conductor, it's the connection for the thermal contact. If the motor does not have a thermal contact, the blue wire has to be connected with the grey wire on the terminal board.

The breaking current can be adjusted with a potentiometer. On the housing base is a plug, behind which you can reach the potentiometer.


Voltage Ue
400 V~
Current le
9,0 A
KB-04, 400V~
Coil voltage Uc
Switching capacity
4.0 kW 400V~/AC-3
Type of actuation
Mechanically on/off
CEE 3P+N+E , 16A
Housing material
Polypropylene PP
Mounting position
Protection class
IP54, splash water proof
Connection cable
1 m H07RN-F G1,5
Mounting dimensions
68 x 68 mm

Feature shock protection

The contactors are mechanically activated and keep holding with a self-holding contact

Normal contactors can be actuated by hard touch-down, so that the machine will start-up by itself. This is prevented by the integrated shock protection.


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