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106-P10  - E-T-A circuit breaker 106-P10

E-T-A circuit breaker 106-P10

nominal Current:
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1-pole thermal over current circuit breaker with threadneck.


  • Reliable switching behaviour due to spring-loaded snap mechanism
  • Uninfluenceable trip-free mechanism
  • Is according to the circuit breaker norm EN 60934 (IEC 60934): R-Typ, TO.


The connection is made with a 6.3 mm flat plug. Please note the arrangement of the flat plug in the dimension sheet: up to 6 A they are mounted paralell, from 7-10 A they are offset 90° as shown in the picture.

Replacement for Weber Unimat T11-211 or Kedu RB2

Usable as a replacement for Weber Unimat T11-211 (please note the dimensions)


Nominal current
0.5 - 10.0 A
Nominal voltage
AC 240 V, DC 48 V
Protection class
Operating area IP40, connecting area IP00
Reinforced isolation in the actuation element
Ambient temperature
-20.60 °C
Thermal (träge)
VDE, SEV, Kema (EN 60934), CSA. UL
With threadneck, bore-Ø 9.6 mm
Flat plug 6.3 mm

variants / nominal current range

HerstellerArtikelnummernominal CurrentUnsere Art.-Nr.
E-T-A 106-P10-0,8A 0,8 A 106-P10-0.8
E-T-A 106-P10-1,0A 1,0 A 106-P10-1.0
E-T-A 106-P10-1,5A 1,5 A 106-P10-1.5
E-T-A 106-P10-2,0A 2,0 A 106-P10-2.0
E-T-A 106-P10-2,5A 2,5 A 106-P10-2.5
E-T-A 106-P10-3,0A 3,0 A 106-P10-3.0
E-T-A 106-P10-3,5A 3,5 A 106-P10-3.5
E-T-A 106-P10-4,0A 4,0 A 106-P10-4.0
E-T-A 106-P10-4,5A 4,5 A 106-P10-4.5
E-T-A 106-P10-5,0A 5,0 A 106-P10-5.0
E-T-A 106-P10-6,0A 6,0 A 106-P10-6.0
E-T-A 106-P10-7,0A 7,0 A 106-P10-7.0
E-T-A 106-P10-8,0A 8,0 A 106-P10-8.0
E-T-A 106-P10-9,0A 9,0 A 106-P10-9.0
E-T-A 106-P10-10,0A 10,0 A 106-P10-10.0

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Delivery times for other countries can be found at Information on the calculation of the delivery date


  • Splash water protective cap ETA 106-P10 / 1140-G111

    Splash water protective cap ETA 106-P10 / 1140-G111

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