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Operating capacitors 80 µF

Capacitors from Comar and Hydra for the operation from A.C. motors or three-phase A.C. motors with ca.1,1 kW in Steinmetz circuit.

Suitable for continuous operation (DB) and aluminium version for intermittent operation (AB).

Typ Connection Housing Manufacturer Price EUR
incl. VAT
Betriebskondensator Comar MKA 450-80 / FS MKA 450-80 / FS
Art. 800450MKP/FL
Flat plug Plastic Comar 28,31 EUR
Betriebskondensator Comar MKA 450-80 / CB250 MKA 450-80 / CB250
Art. 800450MKP
Cable Plastic Comar 27,90 EUR
Betriebskondensator Hydra MKB MKP 80/500 MKB MKP 80/500
Art. 800400MBA
Cable Aluminium Hydra
44,21 EUR
Betriebskondensator Hydra MAB MKP 80/500 MAB MKP 80/500
Art. 800400MBA/FL
Flat plug Aluminium Hydra
43,39 EUR
Tangentialspannband Tangential tightening strap for capacitors Details
Bodenschraube Base screw M8 for ICAR capacitors Details