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SSK820-1M  - Switch-plug combination K3000/ST6/KA3 with motor protection

Switch-plug combination K3000/ST6/KA3 with motor protection

Motor Protection:
Klinger & Born
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AC switch-plug combination for circular saws, planing machines, shredders or other machines and motors, which after power failure and power recovery are not allowed to turn back on.


  • 3-pole switching, suitable for mains connection without neutral conductor
  • Switching capacity up to 7.5 kW
  • Motor protection depending on the construction 12 or 16 A, Non-adjustable
  • Undervoltage release
  • Phase inverter
  • Splash water proof cover


The neutral conductor is not connected.

Not suitable for motors in delta connection, which for example need a voltage of 230V in the terminal box for a electromechanical brake.
If needed a brake can be tapped between a phase and a star point 230V for motors in star connection.

Motor protection

The motor protection has to be selected according to the nominal current of the motor (+ ca. 10%).
A connection for a thermal contact is not provided, because the motor is better protected with the overcurrent protection.


The switch is screwed on the housing base. Grid dimension of the screws: 68 x 68 mm.
The cable outlet is on the side of the housing like shown.


Voltage Ue
400 V~
Current le
16.0 A
U-spg. 7.5kW, 400V~
Switching capacity
7.5 kW 400V~/AC-3
Type of actuation
Mechanically on/off
CEE 3P+N+E , 16A
Housing material
Polypropylene PP
Mounting position
Protection class
IP54, splash water proof
Connection cable
1 m H07RN-F G1,5
Mounting dimensions
68 x 68 mm

Notes on delivery times1

The delivery time applies to deliveries to Germany.
Delivery times for other countries can be found at Information on the calculation of the delivery date


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