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Operating capacitors 65 µF, motor capacitors

Operating capacitors with cable connection or flat plug connection for the operation of alternating current motors or three-phase motors with approx. 0.9 kW in a stonemasonry circuit.

Suitable for continuous operation and aluminum version for intermittent operation.

Typ Connection Housing Manufacturer Price EUR
incl. VAT
Betriebskondensator Comar MKA 450-65 / CB250 MKA 450-65 / CB250
Art. 650450MKP
Cable Plastic Comar 25,70 EUR
Betriebskondensator Comar MKA 450-65 / FD MKA 450-65 / FD
Art. 650450MKP/FL
Flat plug connection Plastic Comar 23,40 EUR
Tangentialspannband Tangential tightening strap for capacitors Details